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RASA World Fusion is a music project by Leandro Bianchi influenced by jazz, indian music, flamenco, and other styles. Music, a limitless horizon… This is how Rasa World Fusion feels when they submerge in the sounds, to shape and express the specific flavour of each moment with their melodies, leaving the door open to improvisation.


RASA World Fusion es un proyecto musical dirigido por Leandro Bianchi con influencias de jazz, música india, flamenco y otros estilos. La música, un horizonte sin límites... Así se siente Rasa World Fusion al sumergirse en el sonido para darle forma y expresar el sabor específico de cada momento con sus temas, dejando una puerta abierta a la improvisación. 


RASA World Fusion est un projet musical réalisé par Leandro Bianchi, une fusion permanente entre musique idienne, jazz, flamenco et d'autres influences. Tout en laissant la porte ouverte à l'improvisation, Rasa World Fusion donne à chaque morceau une couleur spécifique et ouvre un horizon sans limites à la musique.


 LEANDRO BIANCHI - Guitar & Vocals




JORGE LOZANO - Indian Table

IVAN MELLEN - Percussion



Leandro Bianchi is a versatile composer and guitarist who feels free through his music, creating a unique identity of emotional atmospheres and different colors, resulting from the combination of everything he experienced with musicians of several ethnicities and styles (jazz, music from India, Africa, Latin America...) with elements of his training in flamenco, classical and modern music.

Restless musician and constantly searching, Leandro resides in Spain, where after years of research with the great masters of the flamenco tradition, accompanying the flamenco singing and dance, he manages to apply a refined flamenco technique to the whole of his musical work.

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